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This EPSRC funded project is the culmination of almost 25 years of research in Southampton’s Optoelectronic Research Centre in novel glasses. In addition to the opportunity to hear talks from partners there will be an opportunity to tour the ORC’s labs for a tour of our world-class clean rooms.

Find out more about Chalcogenides at the dedicated Chalcogenide Advanced Materials Partnership website

In addition to the opportunity to hear talks from partners there will be an opportunity to tour the ORC’s labs for a tour of our world-class clean rooms.

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08.50 Registration open
The exhibition will be open from 09:00 for those wishing to visit before the conference commences.
10.00 Introduction and welcome to Photonex
Dan Hewak, University of Southampton and Laurence Devereux, Xmark Media Ltd
  Session 1: Understanding Chalcogenides  
  Chair: Dan Hewak, University of Southampton  
What is a Chalcogenide?
Dan Hewak, University of Southampton
Chalcogenide Glass Applications
Stephen Elliott, University of Cambridge
Discovering New Chalcogenides
Brian Hayden, Ilika Technologies Ltd
Refreshments / Poster review in the Exhibition Hall  
  Session 2: Chalcogenides in Industry  
  Chair: John Lincoln, Harlin Ltd  
Overview of Infrared Materials
Mark Middleton, Crystran Ltd
Why Qioptiq use Chalcogenides
James Wilson, Qioptiq Ltd
Chalcogenide Acousto-Optic Devices
Peter MacKay, Gooch and Housego plc
Lunch break / Poster review in the Exhibition Hall  

Session 3: Emerging Applications
  Chair: Brian Hayden, University of Southampton  

Chalcogenide Memory and Logic
David Wright, University of Exeter
Laser Inscription in Ga:La:S Glass
Ajoy Kar, Heriot-Watt University
Chalcogenide Photonic Devices
Harish Bhaskaran, University of Oxford
14.30 Refreshments / Poster review in the Exhibition Hall  

Session 4: Working together
  Chair: Tom Carr, University of Southampton  

Projects and Partners in ChAMP
John Lincoln, Harlin Ltd

Funding through Innovate UK
Myrddin Jones, Technology Strategy Board

Working with the University
Don Spalinger, Director, Research and Innovation Services, Southampton
15.50 Final remarks  

Session 5: Posters
16.00 Refreshments / Poster review in the Exhibition Hall  
16.30 Award of prize for Best Presented Poster  
1. Towards Optically-gated Phase Change Devices
Yat-Yin Au, University of Exeter
2. Chalcogenide Flexible Thin Film Thermoelectric Device Fabricated by Co-Sputtering
Jin Yao, University of Southampton
3. Unlocking the Full Potential of Chalcogenides
Richard Curry, University of Surrey
4. Microfabrication of Photonic Devices in Chalcogenide Glass Substrates
James Morris, Heriot-Watt University
5. CVD-grown Tin Sulphide for Thin Film Solar CellDevices
Gadah Alzaidy, University of Southampton
6. Two dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenidesand Graphene via CVD
Nikos Aspiotis, University of Southampton
7. Chalcogenide Glass Supply Chain
Khouler Khan, University of Southampton
8. Manufacturing Gallium Lanthanum Sulphide Glass
Paul Bastock, University of Southampton
9. Scalability & Thermal Stability of Nanowire phasechange Memory Cells
Behrad Gholipour, University of Southampton
10. Tailoring the Material Properties of Chalcogenides:First-principles Simulation
Taehoon Lee, University of Cambridge
11. Chalcogenide Glass Corrosion Studies
Emma Ansell, University of Southampton
12. Erbium Doped GLS for mid-infrared Laser
Giorgos Demetriou, Heriot-Watt University
13. High contrast chalcogenide waveguides for midinfrared biomedical sensing
Vineta Mittal, University of Southampton
14. Femtosecond infrared power generation by amplifier pumped PPLN OPO
Lin Xu, University of Southampton
15. High throughput synthesis and characterisation of phase-change chalcogenide materials
Jaffar Saleh Subaie, University of Southampton
16. Three-dimensionalChalcogenidephotonic crystals created by direct laser writing and chemical vapor deposition
Ying Lung Daniel Ho, University of Bristol
17. Photo-inducedchirality in chalcogenide materials
J. Shanmugam, University of Oxford

Exhibition closes  

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ChAMP is an EPSRC funded partnership between the Universities of Southampton, Exeter, Oxford, Cambridge and Heriot-Watt. The partnership includes 15 industrial companies with an interest in advanced materials, particularly chalcogenides; from material fabrication to the use of these materials in their products.

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