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Dear Colleague,

We write to tell you more about the exhibitors attending our Scotland Roadshow on Wednesday 8th June 2016 – which is all very exciting!  The companies on show are at the forefront of optics, photonics and imaging technology.  Make time to come and tap into the breadth of knowledge available and broaden your knowledge in the world of photonics and light technologies.

Here is a snapshot of some of the exhibiting companies:

Acal BFi UK: Acal BFi, is an European leader in advanced technology solutions who will be exhibiting the latest technology from our partners including solid state lasers from Ekspla, laser optics solutions from Altechna and a range of laser safety products. There will also be working demonstrations of Ocean Optics spectrometers and wavefront sensors from Imagine Optics.

AP Technologies: AP Technologies supply singlemode & multimode laser diodes, modules & systems from 445- 1850nm while our LED range includes components, arrays & systems from 240-1850nm. There detection solutions has silicon photomultipliers & photodiodes including VUV/electron sensitive devices as well as visible & NIR single photon counting systems, TDCs & CFDs. APT also distribute liquid crystal shutters, polarisation modulators & filters.


ELUXI Ltd: ELUXI is a specialist photonics company delivering a broad range of products from leading global manufacturers supplied typically as tailored solutions. Whether it is lasers, light sources, optics, fibre optics, amplifiers or detectors, you can speak to them to ensure you understand the optimised component or instrumentation solutions that is available.


Hamamatsu Photonics: Hamamatsu’s Liquid Crystal on Silicon spatial light modulator (LCOS-SLM) is a compact system featuring high light utilization efficiencies (98%), high diffraction efficiencies close to theoretical maximum values and high precision phase modulation control with excellent linearity providing industry leading performance.


Manx Precision Optics: Manx Precision Optics is a manufacturer of high precision optical components. Our wide experience and modern production facility allows us to offer fast delivery at competitive prices even for specialist components. We also hold a wide range of components in stock. Please contact us or visit our website for more information.

Laser Quantum: Laser Quantum, the UK’s largest laser manufacturer, offers a wide range of CW and ultrafast lasers and oscillators and has been delivering lasers worldwide to science and industry for over 20 years. We offer exceptional beam performance, with long warranty periods that reflect our robust designs.


Do you know about our Vacuum Roadshow?

Also at the event (on Wednesday 8th June), we will be hosting the Vacuum Roadshow which houses companies dedicated to vacuum technology.

Here you will be able to see the latest vacuum applications and solutions - examine technologies for academia, research and technology for manufacturing. You will have the opportunity to get the in-depth analysis from the specialists so you can make better informed decisions when purchasing.  

About Photonex Scotland Roadshow...

This interdisciplinary event at Heriot-Watt University is open to all and brings together:
  1. A conference
  2. An exhibition
  3. Educational tutorials and
  4. VACUUM ROADSHOW - a vacuum technologies exhibition in the adjacent hall.

This event is free to attend.

We looking forward to seeing you Wednesday 8th June.

Kind regards,


Steven Adjei
Xmark Media Ltd
Effingham KT24 5JS, UK
E: T: +44(0)1372 750555
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