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The conference is FREE:

Advances in photonic tools and techniques for the life sciences

The meeting comprises a programme of invited speakers, a poster session of contributed papers and time will be allowed for networking with other delegates.

This Conference is FREE, advance registration is requested.

Significant advances in the development of optical techniques have led to an ever increasing role of photonics in the study of various problems in the life sciences, in medicine, clinical sciences, neurophysiology etc. Researchers are continually looking for better ways to analyse complex processes and photonics underpins many promising approaches for medical diagnosis, drug development & other clinical and life science applications.

Attend this event to broaden your knowledge in the world of photonics by attending a key meeting for photonics technologies. The technical committee have commented that this international quality 'invited' programme include presentations by eminent and leading UK research scientists. It is an event not to be missed.

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Photonics Tutorials are FREE:

Photonics Tutorials:
How to? and latest photonics techniques

Tutorials, each 30 minutes, will follow the format established at the national Photonex event, which takes place every October at Coventrys Ricoh Arena.

Tutorials will feature on advances, techniques, technology comparisons, choosing your equipment for your project and features to ... >

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About a previous meeting image Feature article: read it here

Dr Simon Schultz of Imperial College London said, There has been an excellent attendance throughout the day, the topic was of great interest, a really successful day all round with interesting speakers and visitors.

Antony Hurden of Grounded Innovation commented, The meeting has been a real eye opener with the range of stimulating presentations showing how photonics and other academic disciplines collaborate and successfully tackle diverse and complicated issues. Many thanks for an excellent day!"

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