Metal Powder-based Additive Manufacturing

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To meet the challenges facing additive manufacturing experts, you must stay up to date with the indsutry's best practice...

Chaired by Dr David Brackett (Manufacturing Technology Centre) and Dr Ian Maskery (University of Nottingham), this meeting will cover all aspects of this quickly-evolving technology and provides a unique discussion platform for like-minded experts.

Help shape the programme or present a poster

By taking part, you will be seen as a key contributor to ongoing research in the field and be able to network with like-minded professionals and research scientists at a high level. We are now accepting submissions for oral and poster presentations.

Call for contributions

Topics will include

Machine and process development in Selective Laser Melting, Direct Energy Deposition and Electron Beam Melting • Laser-powder interactions and analysis of the process zone • Alloys and powder feedstock for metal AM and investigation of process-microstructure-property relationships • and more

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FREE TOUR of the National Centre for Additive Manufacturing

FREE TOUR of the National Centre for Additive Manufacturing

Challenging the boundaries of manufacturing: The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) develops and proves innovative manufacturing processes, including laser based Additive Manufacturing, and operates some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment in the world. The opportunity includes: Free transfer to and from Ricoh Arena, guided tour and buffet meal.

Aerotech’s Infinite Field of View Solves the Spot Size Versus Field of View Conundrum

Aerotech’s Infinite Field of View Solves the Spot Size Versus Field of View Conundrum

Technical challenges abound in the pursuit of quality parts from additive manufacturing powder-bed processes. Many of these challenges are interdependent and compromises are frequently made that result in an additive machine with mediocre resolution and less than desirable build volume. Aerotech's technology and expertise eliminate these compromises...


Just one of several meetings taking place at

The Enlighten Conference

The Enlighten Conference has established itself as one of the most important forums of debate for the international photonics and light technologies community. Over 400 scientists from across the globe will discuss the very latest in photonics applications, advances, innovations and emerging technologies.


Other meetings include


Graphene & Emerging 2D Materials

HSI 2018: Hyperspectral Imaging and Applications

OED: Engineering and Design


The conference provides a strong educational backdrop for co-located Photonex Europe. Running this conference alongside a significant exhibition of latest photonics technologies provides an additional benefit for delegates and a great opportunity to collaborate with fellow colleagues and suppliers on an unprecedented scale.

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