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Photonex has an excellent synergy with co-located Vacuum Expo, a scientific high-technology event, and technology focus events HSI 2016 and Vision UK.

10 great reasons to exhibit

Photonex is a key marketing opportunity. In just 2 days you can:

  • Showcase your products to hundreds of buyers
  • Meet new customers
  • Use your time efficiently; meet more contacts in two days than you could do in many months
  • Meet face-to-face and develop personal and direct relationships with your customers
  • Catch up with existing clients and re-establish relationships
  • Provide hands-on exposure to products and live demonstrations
  • Accelerate the sales process
  • Take orders and close long term deals
  • Launch new products and generate media interest
  • Locate new agents and distributors for your products

You need to exhibit if your products are photonic instruments, if they are components integrated into equipment. If your service is to supply systems for the manufacture or testing of photonic equipment or if you provide a sub-contract service for the development of photonic components, instruments or systems.


Photonex 2016 | Exhibiting Brochure

View the brochure online as a PDF document>

Photonics is of enormous importance to scientific research and for industry and use is growing. Here are some of the sectors and applications for photonics:

Advanced manufacturing: Industrial vision, cameras, electronic imaging, process analytical technologies (PAT), quality control.

Biophotonics: analytical techniques in cells, tissues and biomaterials. Photonics in miniature, biochemistry, manipulation, fluorescence, adaptive optics.

Defence: components, hyperspectral imaging, remote detection, cameras, thermal imaging.

Energy: PV technologies, testing, new materials and manufacturing processes. Bioenergy, analytical & optical instrumentation.

Environmental: imaging, oceanography, space research and food resource technologies.

Lasers and opto-electronics: developing laser techniques, in research, industry and for fusion.

Medical, Pharmaceutical & health technologies.

New materials & devices: optical nanotechnologies, for opto-electronics, thin films and testing.

Optical sensing: intelligent optics, analysis and measurement.

Optical metrology, radiometry & light sources: QC and characterization.

Security: sensing, imaging, hyperspectral, holograms, covert.

Spectroscopy: for research and field applications.

There are also a great range of seminars, lectures and demonstrations to get involved with. Exhibitors and visitors are encouraged to participate and use these as an additional platform upon which to engage with their market.

Exhibitor Warning - if you are exhibiting at any of the shows listed here you may receive an invitiation from a company named "Construct Data Verlag GmbH" offering space on their 'Fair Guide' website. The organisers of these shows are not linked with this company and do not endorse the guide. If you wish to advertise on the 'Fair Guide', we draw your attention to the legally binding small print.
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