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Effingham, April 13th, 2013:

Xmark Media reports the 2013 Photonex London Roadshow was an unqualified success with a vibrant scientific program and busy exhibition.

News Release 30th April 2013

Xmark Media reports on the 2013 Photonex London Roadshow. With the attendance topping over 200 delegates, the day proved to be an outstanding success with well-attended parallel scientific sessions complemented with a benchtop equipment exhibition.

  Delegates take time out at the exhibition.

The 2013 Photonex London Roadshow organised by Xmark Media attracted over 200 delegates to an intensive day of scientific presentations, industry-led tutorials and a comprehensive equipment exhibition establishing the model for future meetings to be held across the UK in years to come. Sponsored by the UCL-Cambridge Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) and held in the impressive setting of the North Cloisters at University College, London, the event provided visitors with excellent networking opportunities to discuss the latest developments in the world of photonics and learn about the new tools and techniques being offered by UK suppliers.

Three scientific themes dominated the meeting. Tomography continues to grow and the opening session saw presentations which showed how this is being embraced in the world of medical imaging. Using light for diagnosis and treatment gave an insight how researchers are looking to use light in areas such as the treatment of epilepsy and in oral medicine. The final thrust was in the field of super-resolution microscopy where the ability to go beyond the diffraction of light is opening up new application areas that push resolution down towards the nanoscale.

The tutorials took a change in direction for this meeting. Thanks to speakers from the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering at UCL, the meeting had an excellent overview on the application of optics for optical devices and systems. One talk showed how the ability to bend light around corners could speed up signals and improve the bandwidth of PCBs. An assortment of talks from vendors of instrumentation showed the latest photonics techniques ranging from lasers to cameras. The meeting was closed with a look into the future of photonics presented by the meeting co-organiser, Dr Cyril Renaud of the Ultra-fast Photonics Laboratory at UCL. Dr Renaud showed that while photonics could provide many of the future requirements in communication through the use of photonics, he pointed out that without government backing, the cost of putting together the necessary infrastructure would be prohibitive to private industry with so far only Japan and Korea putting in the investment needed. Perhaps the future lies with a combination of the current silicon-based semiconductor platform with the photonic functionality of III-Vs technology? Time will tell.

Commenting on the event, Professor Paul French of Imperial College London said, “I found that the meeting provided a useful snapshot of UK biophotonics activity and the exhibition had many of the companies whose products are key components to our research.”

Moving forward, the UK photonics community now looks to Coventry and the 22nd annual Photonex Conference & Exhibition to be held October 16th & 17th at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena. Photonex is the UK’s showcase event dedicated to photonics, applied optical equipment, biophotonics, fibre optics, lasers, vision & LIGHT. Organiser, Laurence Devereux, is very upbeat about this year’s meeting. “While other shows have been in decline, the 2012 meeting combined with Vacuum Expo, attendance grew by more than 7%. With the exhibition rapidly selling with new companies joining for 2013, I am optimistic we will see more growth. New scientific sessions reflecting the growth in vision and imaging techniques mean that we can expect a full house in October.”

For information on the 2013 Photonex Conference & Exhibition, visit There are no fees to attend. Sign up now for this annual free opportunity to expand your knowledge-base in the world of photonics. And put a date in the diary for October’s Photonex meeting in Coventry: The Ricoh Arena, 16th-17th October 2013.

For further information on all their conferences and exhibitions, please contact Laurence Devereux of Xmark Media or their marketing agency, Talking Science Limited:

Effingham, March 12th, 2013:

The Photonics Tutorials for the Photonex London Roadshow are announced on the Photonex web site covering the latest photonics techniques & instrumentation

News Release 12th March 2013

Xmark Media announces the free Photonics Tutorial programme for this year’s annual Photonex London Roadshow. Attendance to these, the exhibition and conference sessions is FREE.

Xmark Media in conjunction with Dr Cyril Renaud of the UCL-Cambridge Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Systems Development is pleased to announce the programme of tutorials to be run in parallel with the main conference of the April 9th Photonex London Roadshow.

In parallel with the scientific conference, ‘Advances in photonic tools & techniques for the life sciences’ there will be a series of ‘Photonics tutorials’ that visitors may attend free of charge. These will follow the format so well established at the national Photonex event, which takes place every October at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena. Tutorials will feature on theory, advances, techniques, technology comparisons and features to look out for to assist attendees as they choose their equipment for their projects.

The tutorial programme will provide an introduction to scientists in research and industry considering using a particular technique for their work. This year they will include academic research speakers alongside speakers from industry suppliers of tools and accessories for the photonics marketplace. Dr Sally Day of the Electronic & Electrical Engineering Department at UCL will open the meeting and talk about some of the fundamental concepts used in optical systems. These will include descriptions of polarisation, coherence and phase and amplitude modulation of light. The descriptions will be illustrated with examples of interference and diffraction as well as resonant structures. The latter can be used as filters and to describe the modes found in laser devices and the former in diffraction from spatial light modulators used for laser tweezing. The talk will include descriptions of liquid crystal devices as well as other optical systems.

The programme continues with eight talks focusing on instrumentation with the programme being brought to a close with a presentation on future prospects for photonics technologies to be given by meeting organiser, Dr Cyril Renaud. He will report on his observations that photonic technology continues to be more broadly used in a raft of applications and is seen as key for gaining performance otherwise not possible by electronics. In this presentation, he will have a look at the next grand challenges that need solving and how photonics has inherent advantages for meeting these challenges. He will explore some current research and necessary technology innovations that could lead to the development of these photon-enabled solutions.

For information on the Photonex London Roadshow, visit Advance registration is essential, forms should be completed on-line. There are no fees to attend. Sign up now for this free opportunity to broaden your knowledge in the world of photonics. And put a date in the diary for October’s Photonex meeting in Coventry: The Ricoh Arena, 16th-17th October 2013.

Photonex London is sponsored by the UCL-Cambridge Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT).
The two world leading universities have combined their expertise in photonics to establish an exciting new Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Photonic Systems Development. The Centre trains postgraduate students, using innovative teaching and learning techniques and collaborates closely with leading companies and research centres worldwide.

Effingham, January 29th, 2013:

The Photonex London Roadshow showcases photonic techniques, tools and equipment at University College London on the 9th April.

News Release 29th January 2013

Arrangements for the 2013 annual Photonex London Roadshow are well under way to include a conference, photonics tutorials and an exhibition of 25 companies.

Following on from the success of the inaugural event, Xmark Media is organising the second Photonics Technology Roadshow at University College London. Once more, visitors will be able to attend a free conference and visit an exhibition from 25 leading suppliers of photonics technologies.

Continuing the goal to visit a different London university each year, UCL is this year’s host and is embracing the opportunity by becoming fully involved with the event planning to make it a success for all attendees.

The UK is particularly strong in ‘biophotonics’ with researchers are continually looking for better ways to analyse and affect complex processes. Photonics underpins many promising approaches for medical diagnosis, drug development, treatment & other clinical and life science applications. The main theme of the meeting looks at the “Advances in photonics tools and techniques for the life sciences.” The technical programme committee under the stewardship of Dr Chris Dunsby, Imperial College London, has invited ten leading researchers, each expert in their particular field, to present their latest innovations and developments. The intention is to not only give a good grounding in a particular technique but to demonstrate how photonics and other disciplines collaborate to successfully tackle diverse and complicated issues.

Within the programme is a talk by Prof Dimitri Kullmann who is Professor of Neurology, at the Institute of Neurology at UCL. He will be talking about Optogenetics, a subject recently picked up by the BBC ( It’s a new technique in the field of neuroscience which involves genetically engineering neurons to respond to light, and then using lasers or light-emitting diodes to stimulate and control their firing.

The second strand of the conference is a programme of photonics tutorials entitled “Latest photonics techniques and instrumentation.” This will be presented by scientists from UCL together with technical experts from the exhibiting companies. This programme will provide an introduction to scientists in research and industry considering using a particular technique for their work.

Commenting on last year's meetings, Dr Simon Schultz of Imperial College London said, “There was an excellent attendance throughout the day. The scientific programme generated great interest producing a really successful day all round with interesting speakers and visitors”.

For information on the Photonex London Roadshow, visit Advance registration is essential for the conference, forms should be completed on-line. There is no fee to attend. Sign up now for this free opportunity to broaden your knowledge in the world of photonics.

Sign up now for this free opportunity to broaden your knowledge in the world of photonics.

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