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Artemis CCD Ltd is showcasing a new VS range of cooled scientific cameras for OEM integrators at Photonex London

Artemis CCD Limited, a leading manufacturer of cooled CCD cameras for low-light applications announces a new camera design specifically aimed at Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of integrated imaging, spectroscopy and other low light detection systems.

The VS range of thermoelectrically cooled cameras features CCD sensors from 1.4Mpixels to 9.2Mpixels resolution in both monochrome and colour. This new model series boasts a comprehensive feature list for ease of customer integration. In addition to a class leading low noise mode, each model - MORE>

Laser Support Services are very pleased to announce they are able to supply and support the whole range of Avesta laser products

This range of quality and reliable lasers join the existing range of lasers from STANDA the well known European manufacturer of optical tables mounts positioners and other Photonic devices.

Not only are Laser Support Services able to offer the whole range of laser, but with our 32 years of experience servicing laboratory lasers, there is no requirement for engineers from the manufacturer to travel to support the installation.

For more information please do not hesitate to come along and talk to Grahame Rogers during the Photonex London show - MORE>

Pro-Lite Technology will be showcasing at Photonex London the new Spectra Tec X, multi-laser illumination source and Specbos spectroradio meter for radiance and spectral irradiance

Designed for Life Science Instrumentation where precision, stability and reliability are of critical importance, the Spectra Tec X never needs alignment, uses only fibre technology and consists of two, three and four polarized multi-laser source modules, each individually driven. Laser wavelengths include Violet, Blue, Green, Red and IR (405nm to 980m) - MORE>

New stabilised 530nm single mode laser module on show at Photonex London

LASER COMPONENTS would like to introduce the new stabilised 530nm single-mode laser module, LML-530-GB, as the newest product in PD-LD Inc’s extensive portfolio of laser diodes for spectroscopic, biomedical and process control systems.

The LML-530-GB laser is a turnkey, easy to integrate, supercharged OEM module with fully integrated drive electronics, software controls and temperature compensation. The revolutionary unit is - MORE>

New fibre solves Mid-IR issues, see it on show at Photonex London

The mid-IR (2-5µm) has historically been a difficult region for optically transparent glasses. The few glasses available are often extremely fragile, difficult or impossible to apply anti-reflective coatings to, very sensitive to exposure to moisture and sometimes suffer from poor transparency and low optical damage thresholds at key wavelengths - MORE>

Learn about non-invasive quality control of cryopreserved samples at Photonex London

Since the dawn of modern medicine, human biological material has been collected, stored, and used for a variety of purposes with biological integrity ensured by cryopreservation at temperatures below -137°C. These samples are almost always unique and irreplaceable but, until now, it has been impossible to quality assure - MORE>

See ultrafine adjuster screw sets offer ‘The finest metric pitch available’ at Photonex London

Elliot Scientific have joined with Kozak Micro to offer matched-set micropositioning adjusters to UK OEMs. With up to 0.1 mm (254 TPI) thread pitch, these ultrafine adjustment screw and bush sets offer outstanding sub-micron precision and are the smoothest combinations around. They are ideal for - MORE>

RF drivers and modules

Laser Components’ intensity and phase modulators operate from low frequencies up to 40Gbps/40GHz and for a broad range of wavelength windows including 800nm, 1060nm, 1300nm, 1550nm and 2 microns. Matched with the family of Photline‘s RF drivers, these modulators serve all applications, from laboratory experiments to demanding industrial systems.

Our family of RF connectorised modules include drivers for modulators and RF amplifiers up to 40GHz and specific modules such as D flip-flop and delay lines. The modulator drivers are intended to feed modulators with an electrical signal exhibiting optimised peak-to-peak - MORE>

See this new small footprint, modular Raman spectrometer at Photonex London

Ocean Optics has introduced the Apex 785 Raman Spectrometer – the first in the Elite Series of high-performance spectrometers, light sources and accessories. Apex is a modular, small-footprint spectrometer that rivals bench-top instruments. Apex provides maximum resolution and exceptional - MORE>

Laser Optic Substrate Manufacturing

Whether individual pieces or a large production is required, we can manufacture your ideal optics within a very short time. Laser Components not only manufactures the substrate but also applies the coatings, all under one roof. Extremely precise machining is possible due to the shape of the saw blade and CNC control. Substrates with a thickness between 0.5mm
and 80mm can be manufactured with a diameter of up to 2“ - MORE>

Avantes' Integrated Miniature Spectrometer now available

Avantes, announces the release of the ultimate integrated spectrometer in an easy-to-install package: the ULSi is the ideal choice for any system integrator. Fiber optic spectrometers have been integrated into many end-user systems in almost all areas of research and detection. Now Avantes releases its first completely - MORE>

Low Cost Laser Modules which are the smallest laser modules available in the world are available in several wavelengths.

The drive electronics are integrated and the complete modules are barely larger than the laser diode itself, enabling simple connection into any system. The smallest laser module measuring ø3.3mm is a 650nm dot laser, available either in a plastic or a metal housing. The plastic version has a maximum output power of less than 0.9mW, whereas the metal housing
has an output power of less than 3.0mW - MORE>

Avantes releases and will be showing new Fiber Optic Multiplexers at Photonex London

Avantes, a leading manufacturer of fiber optic spectroscopy instruments and systems, announces the release of the next generation Fiber Optic Multiplexers (FOM). They are faster, more reliable and quieter than ever before. The FOM easily integrates to Avantes' advanced spectroscopy software
AvaSoft. Fiber Optic Multiplexers enable single or - MORE>

GRIN lens coating at lower temperatures?

AR coatings are applied at moderate temperatures of ~100ºC, but for some components, such as crystals and GRIN lenses, these temperatures can have an adverse effect on the substrates causing discolouration or even damage. Ion beam sputtering (IBS) coatings open up new possibilities for process temperatures below 100°C. LASER COMPONENTS offers
broadband – MORE>

Early non-invasive visualisation and characterisation of vascular disease

Andor Neo sCMOS camera answers need for fast frame rate in novel retinal emaging technique and can be seen at Photonex London. As well as allowing us to image the world around us, the eye offers clinicians a deep and immediate insight into the condition of our vasculature. Abnormalities in the retinal vasculature have been correlated with a diverse range of conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, migraine, and glaucoma, and several techniques have become established to measure - MORE>

Learn about temperature measurement and Dexter's Thermopile assembly with integrated amplifier

Dexter Research Centre offers a measurement module that is ready to use for temperature measurement technology. Consisting of thermopile and preamplifier, the XP0105 can measure between - 50°C to 200°C - MORE>

New Single and Multi-Channel Laser Modules from AKELA will be on show

AKELA Laser Corp. are now offering single and multi-channel laser diode modules in a variety of wavelennths from 635 to 1950 nm, These new modules offer integrated cooling and drive electronics for plug-and-play use, and can be configured using a USB port or by external voltages. Specifically designed for 100micron, 0.22NA fibres and providing pulsed or - MORE>

Learn about Reference Transmitters for 100GbE testing at Photonex London

The new ModBox-850nm-28Gbps-NRZ from Photline Technologies is an optical reference transmitter designed for testing 100GbE systems and components. This is an optical modulation unit that generates high quality NRZ optical data streams at data rates up to 28Gbps, and incorporates a 850nm laser source, a modulation stage - MORE>

If you have not heard already Optical Tweezers are back in the News

A recent paper on optical trapping published in Nature Photonics caused a flurry of activity in the media and across the internet with articles, blogs, and radio interviews about the science behind moving particles with light, with the inevitable Star Trek™ and tractor beams analogy too - MORE>

Learn about the RM21™ Microscope Platform from Mad City Labs at the London Roadshow

The RM21™, from Mad City Labs, is described by them as a Microscope Platform for the Future. This is because the precision aligned RM21™ is designed for maximum user accessibility, a feature that offers microscopists opportunities to develop flexible configuration instruments with - MORE>

Avantes rephrases miniature spectroscopy with the AvaSpec-Mini

Apeldoorn, January 28th 2013 – Avantes, a leading manufacturer of fiber optic spectroscopy instruments and systems, announces the release of their smallest spectrometer so far, the AvaSpec-Mini. Measuring a mere 122 cc, they are smaller than a deck of cards. The AvaSpec-Mini is the first product in Avantes' CompactLine - MORE>

LDLS™ EQ-99 Manager - The Smart Controller for Laser-Driven Light Sources from Energetiq Technology, Inc.

Elliot Scientific are pleased to announce the introduction of the LDLS™ EQ-99 Manager to the UK and Ireland from Energetiq Technology, Inc. This new smart controller offers enhanced control of the EQ-99 series of Laser-Driven Light Sources (LDLS), adding valuable functionality to the brightest, longest lasting, broadband light source - MORE>

FLEXPOINT® Laser Modules for Long Distances

LASER COMPONENTS introduces the FP-LR-635 series to its product portfolio - laser modules for long distance applications, starting at 10m range - MORE>

New Capabilities for Optical Filters

LASER COMPONENTS are pleased to announce new capabilities for UV optical filters. Using a new sputter coating tool these new filters can achieve >80% transmission with OD5 up to 700nm, allowing for the deposition of UV oxide coating material ZrO2, transmitting in the UV down to 250nm - MORE>

The Photonex London Roadshow showcases photonic techniques, tools and equipment at University College London on the 9th April.

Arrangements for the 2013 annual Photonex London Roadshow are well under way to include a conference, photonics tutorials and an exhibition of 25 companies. Following on from the success of the inaugural event, Xmark Media is organising the second Photonics Technology Roadshow at University College London - MORE>

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