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Optical Engineering & Design

Wednesday 11th October 2017

Optical designers are working with more and more challenging projects and need to bring into their designs more elements, different materials and more difficult calculations/considerations.


10.20 Introduction and Welcome  
  SESSION 1 : Chair Beric Read  
10.30 3D Laser writing inside transparent materials using ultrashort pulses
Dr Patrick Salter, University of Oxford, UK
10.50 Solid state reflective displays (SRD®), using phase-change materials as the new modulator for improved colour and fast switching
Peiman Hosseini, Bodle Technologies, UK
11.10 Full-wave modelling of the optical and electromagnetic characteristics of ultra-fast photodiodes
Dr Michele Natrella, UCL, UK
11.30 Bridging the gap between optical technology and manufacturing capability
Colin Williams, Precision Engineering Consultant, UK
11.50 Approaches to simulating multiple coupled physical phenomena in photonic devices using COMSOL Multiphysics
Dr Simone Zonetti, COMSOL, UK
12.10 - break - in the exhibition hall, delegates are encouraged to visit the exhibition and meet some of the 100+ exhibitors.  
13.20 Introduction to session  
  SESSION 2: Chair Jon Maxwell  
13.30 Optimisation of liquid crystals for switchable contact lenses
Professor Cliff Jones, University of Leeds, UK
13.50 Image quality in retinal imaging
Peter Wakeford, Optos Plc, UK
Desensitization of optical systems during the optimization process

Yan Cornil, Light Tec GmbH, Germany
14.30 From bench to bedside: Optical technologies for advanced clinical
endoscopic imaging

Dr George Gordon, University of Cambridge, UK
14.50 Design of lidars for remote wind speed measurement
Dr Matthew Warden, Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics
15.10 Conclusion and end of meeting.  

Comsol Workshop


Simulating Photonics with COMSOL Multiphysics®

In this workshop, we will discuss using the COMSOL Multiphysics® software for photonics simulations; in particular, periodic structures and crystals. We will show how modelling can provide insight into the design and characterisation of photonic devices. This includes solving for the propagation of electromagnetic waves, even in the presence of wavelength-dependent material properties, as well as multiphysics effects like heating or mechanical loading.

(COMSOL Multiphysics is a registered trademark of COMSOL AB.)

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16.30 Live Demonstration  
17.00 Networking in the exhibition hall  

The 2017 Conference and Industry Programme, run by Enlighten Meetings with its partners, covers application and technology advances, innovations and emerging technologies.

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Dr Sean Kudesia

Jon Maxwell


Beric Read
BJR Systems Ltd

Chloe Tartan
University of Oxford