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Welcome to The Enlighten Conference

This event features application and technology advances, innovations and emerging technologies. It comprises one and two-day conferences, one-day meeting programmes, training/educational seminars and tutorials. Each meeting is carefully crafted and brings you the opportunity to meet some of Europe’s brightest minds. Join the conference, stay all day in one meeting, or pick and choose different talks from different meetings.

Latest update 6th October:

See the extensive guide to the Enlighten Conference all120+ speakers in one easy to reference document.

Conference & Meeting Programmes

IEEE High Power Diode Lasers & Systems Conference
TPW 2017 - 15th Technological Plasma Workshop (VS8)
H2020 Photonics - UK Information & Brokerage Event
Hyperspectral Imaging - Technologies & Application-ready Solutions
Laser Safety Training - The Fundamentals
Metal Powder-based Additive Manufacturing
Optical Engineering & Design
OED Workshop | Simulating Photonics with COMSOL Multiphysics®
Photonics Showcase: application tutorials, training and new product launch pad
Silicon photonics adoption in UK Industry - impact by collaboration

Thin Film and Coating Technologies for Science & Industry

Graphene & Emerging 2D Materials
Launchpad & tutorials in photonics and vacuum
Optical Metrology for Manufacturing
RGA13 | The Residual Gas Analyser (VS8)

Surface Analysis - Innovations and Solutions for Industry

Vacuum Technology Tutorials
Vision & Imaging Programme