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Graphene & Emerging 2D Materials

Thursday 11th October - Theatre 2, Ericsson Exhibition Hall

The conference programme comprises presentations by invited speakers from academia and selected updates from industry.

Emerging as one of the most promising materials ever discovered and one that has the potential to reach across key industries such as engineering, defence, healthcare, electronics, photonics and telecommunications - graphene applications are rapidly expanding and changing.

This meeting will feature the latest innovations in the deposition of graphene layers, difficulties, solutions and achievements to date, as well as applications, particularly for photonics applications, such as light sources, connectors, detectors, sensors and optical sensors.


Keynote Speakers

  Graphene Photonics and optoelectronics
Prof Andrea Ferrari,
Cambridge Graphene Centre, University of Cambridge
  The Journey to Commercialisation of Graphene
Matthew Thornton,
Haydale Composite Solutions Ltd

Join in
This meeting is an opportunity for you to contribute to research knowledge, to meet with like-minded researchers and to network at a high level. It’s an excellent platform to present your technology to industry, scientists, engineers, talented students and business leaders.

We are keen to involve students and early career scientists who are researching novel and exciting new techniques or unique applications.

Graphene and Emerging 2D Materials - Meeting at Photonex Enlighten Conference













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Ray Whitehouse
Vac Techniche Ltd, Fairlight

Dr Weiping Wu
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, City, University of London

Dr Adrianus Indrat Aria
Surface Engineering and Nanotechnology Institute, Cranfield University, Bedford

Patrick Frantz
PlanarTECH (UK), Cambridge