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Graphene & Emerging 2D Materials for Photonics Applications

Thursday 12th October 2017

A little background for you:

This is the UK's only meeting dedicated to graphene for photonics and optoelectronic applications.

Emerging as one of the most promising material ever discovered and one that has the potential to reach across key industries such as engineering, defence, healthcare, electronics, photonics and telecommunications - graphene applications are being developed and uses established.

This meeting features graphene technology and integration, latest innovations in the deposition of graphene layers (processes, difficulties, solutions and achievements to date), photonics applications, graphene in components (such as light sources, connectors, detectors, sensors and optical sensors) and takes a good look at emerging applications as well.

Presentations by leading scientists will include progress in adoption of graphene technology for photonics and optoelectronics applications. Importantly for attendees the questions of how academia can assist industry to benefit from graphene related products in new devices and systems will be discussed.


It is free to attend this meeting and the rest of the conference. Registration gives you full access to two exhibitions, Photonex and Vacuum Expo, as well.

Technologies in the exhibitions:

Exhibitors will have on display: materials, process equipment (e.g. thermal CVD), Raman and AFM systems for materials synthesis and analysis, characterization and thickness measurement and more.

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Many thanks for inviting me to speak, it was a great conference and I had the opportunity to discover several companies working in the optics field - Dr Ugo Sassi, Cambridge Graphene Centre, UK

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Ray Whitehouse
Vac Techniche, Fairlight

Dr Weiping Wu

Instrumentation and Sensor Systems,
City University of London

Dr Andrew Pollard
Surface and Nanoanalysis Group,
National Physical Laboratory, Teddington

Dr Adrianus Indrat Aria
Surface Engineering & Nanotechnology Institute, Cranfield University, Bedford

Dr Patrick Frantz