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Vision & Imaging Programme

Thursday 12th October 2017

Technologies for, Industry and Science

Vision and imaging technologies continue to develop as the market grows, processing power increases and adoption of vision, machine vision on the production line, in factories and in science becomes more wide-spread.

The Vision & Imaging Programme will be fast moving, informative and inspiring. Learn what they need to consider when choosing their vision and imaging components and equipment.


SESSION 1 : Machine Vision and Industrial Applicatins
11.00 Hikvision - a revolution in the machine vision camera market
Paul Wilson, Scorpion Vision
11.20 High dynamic range sensor for demanding industrial
applications and tomorrow’s challenges.
Ian Alderton, Alrad Imaging
11.40 What is the flatness of resolution
Yukihide Nakazato, Fujifilm
12.00 Scorpion Vision real world 3D vision applications
Paul Wilson, Scorpion Vision

Getting the best Colour Image, are you using the right technique?
Tris Hurley, Stemmer Imaging

SESSION 2: : Scientific Imaging
14.00 Higher dynamic range imaging
Jan Vermeiren, CAELESTE

Average image sensors have a dynamic range of 66, max 72 dB; whereas a regular scene can surpass easily 100 dB of even more than145 dB in automotive application.
Several solutions will be discussed to create High Dynamic Range image sensors without suffering from motion artefacts and while maintaining low dark signal as well as a low noise floor.

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14.20 Seeing life in Short Wave Infrared - The role of InGaAs based
cameras in scientific imaging

Mark Donaghy, Raptor Photonics Ltd

Silicon based area detectors (e.g. CCDs or CMOS) offer excellent imaging solutions from soft x-ray through to near infrared (NIR). Above 1100nm, Silicon is transparent and therefore cannot be used to detect photons of these wavelengths. The use of InGaAs based imaging systems to capture longer wavelength photons continues to increase in many diverse application areas including life sciences.

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The 2017 Conference and Industry Programme, run by Enlighten Meetings with its partners, covers application and technology advances, innovations and emerging technologies.

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Paul Wilson,
UKIVA (Chairman), Scorpion Vision

Ian Alderton,

Alrad Imaging