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This two day conference will be ideal for anyone wishing to learn more about nano-spectroscopy and bio-imaging in the bio-medical/clinical/the life science disciplines, it will bring together users and groups developing novel photonic tools with the intention to encourage collaborations within academia and with industry.

Fred Festy comments on the meeting in the planning “I really enjoyed some of the discussions last year, it was an outstanding meeting. This year we will be encouraging speakers to involve the attendees by throwing out problems they are having, we just love the ‘how we can solve’ aspects of this meeting.”

Wednesday 14th October  
  Exhibition is open 10:00 - 17:00  
11:00 Introduction and Welcome
SESSION 1: Nano-spectroscopy
11:10 KEYNOTE :
SERS of biomaterials: lessons from DNA analysis
Prof Steven Bell, Queen's University Belfast

11:40 Gold nanorods as photoacoustic probes to track stem cells in mice
Dr Raphael Levy, University of Liverpool
12:00 Advanced hierarchical micro-platforms for SERS diagnostics
Dr Pola Goldberg-Oppenheimer, University of Birmingham
12:20 - break -
SESSION 2 : Frontiers in imaging
14:00 KEYNOTE :
Multiphoton hyperspectral imaging with CARS
Prof David Richards, King’s College London

14:30 Holographic endo-microscopy based on multimode waveguides
Dr Tomas Cizmar, University of Dundee
14:50 Simple excitation sources for non-linear microscopy at long wavelengths
Dr Johanna Trägårdh, University of Strathclyde
15:10 Quantitative 3D super-resolution imaging of functional chromatin topology
Dr Lothar Schermelleh, University of Oxford
15:30 Flash presentations of posters  


Poster Session
in the exhibition hall
1. 3D Resolution Improvement in Array Detector based Confocal Fluorescence Microscope using Maximum-Likelihood Processing.
Rohan Kakade, University of Nottingham
2. Biomechanics and label-free imaging of connective tissue.
Daniel Hadraba, Charles University, Czeck Republic
3. Coupling mechanisms and field confinement in a hybrid plasmonic-photonic crystal resonator for enhanced optical trapping.
Mina Mossayebi, University of Nottingham
4. Implementation of broadband Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering based on supercontinuum pulses for enhanced chemical sensitivity in biological imaging.
Konstantinos Nikolaos Bourdakos, University of Southampton
5. Evolution machine: A microfluidic droplet sorter based on surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
William James Anderson, University of Southampton.
17:00 End of day  
Thursday 15th October  
  Exhibition is opens 10:00 - 17:00  
09:55 Welcome back and introduction to the day  
SESSION 3 : Frontiers in imaging and Biomedical Spectroscopy
10:00 Photonic dissection of how neurotransmission works
Prof Rory Duncan, Heriot-Watt University
10:20 Quantitative imaging of intact cardiac tissue using remote focussing microscopy
Dr Alexander Corbett, University of Oxford
10:40 Miniature fibre optic Raman probes: from cancer to jet engines
Dr John Day, University of Bristol
11:00 - refreshment break in exhibition hall -  
11:40 Spatially offset Raman spectroscopy on bone
Prof Anthony Parker, Central Laser Facility, STFC
12:00 Flash presentations of posters  
12:30 break
in the exhibition hall
1. Insights into health and disease using coherent Raman imaging
Tual Monfort, University of Southampton
2. Rapid, label-free CARS imaging of lipids in biological samples
Justyna Smus, University of Southampton
3. Defining the sites of regulatory T cell trafficking and suppression in pre-clinical models of transplantation using in vivo imaging
Jacintha Jacob Kings College London
4. CARS imaging for studying skeletal stem cell differentiation
Catarina Costa Moura, University of Southampton
5. Real time optical vascular imaging – A potential technique for epithelial disease diagnosis
Pedro Bastos, Kings College London
6. A sub-terahertz spectroscopic study of Guanidinium Chloride in protein denaturation process
Junyi Qiu, Queen Mary University of London
7. Ratiometric immunofluorescence analysis of the competitive effects of exogenously expressed sarcomeric M-band protein sequences in cardiomyocytes
Mark Holt, Kings College London
8. Deforming lipid vesicles using optical tweezers combined with an external viscous drag force
Aishah Mustapha, University of Nottingham
9. Understanding fundamental and pathological processes inside cells using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Anna Huefner, University of Cambridge
10. SHG study of demineralised dentinal collagen
Victoria Boyes, Kings College London
SESSION 4 : Nano-bio-imaging
14:50 KEYNOTE :
3D super-resolution microscopy using forbidden light
Prof Emmanuel Fort, ESPCI ParisTech, France
15:20 Wide-field time-correlated single photon counting phosphorescence and fluorescence lifetime imaging
Prof Klaus Suhling, King’s College London
15:40 Super-resolution imaging in living bacteria using tracking PALM
Prof Achillefs Kapanidis, University of Oxford
16:00 - concluding comments -
  The exhibition remains open until 16:00


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There is no charge to attend this conference

The 2015 Conference and Industry Programme, run by Enlighten Meetings with its partners, covers application and technology advances, innovations and emerging technologies.

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Dr Frederic Festy
Senior Lecturer,
Dental Institute,
King's College London

Dr Sumeet Mahajan
Associate Professor in Life Science Interface, University of Southampton

Dr Brian Patton
Centre for Neural Circuits
and Behaviour,
University of Oxford

Flash presentations organiser:

Dr Neveen Hosny,

Research Associate,
King’s College London
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