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Louisa Chanter joins Xmark Media to expand its Sales and Marketing team. Louisa Chanter joins Xmark Media to expand its Sales and Marketing team. Xmark Media Ltd, the organiser of established exhibitions PHOTONEX and VACUUM EXPO, is pleased to announce that Louisa Chanter has joined the sales and marketing team to develop new business and support all aspects of the company’s activities.

For the past 10 years Louisa has been working for the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) delivering up to 150 technical events a year.

The theme of these events included Robotics & Autonomous Systems, Sensors, Printed Electronics, Forensic Science, Photonics, Security and the Internet of Things.

Previously, Louisa was event director for Trident Exhibitions Ltd working on their trade - MORE>>

Website: www.photonex.org

ClearView Imaging to showcase latest developments in Machine Vision Technology. ClearView Imaging to showcase latest developments in Machine Vision Technology. Demonstrations will include the latest 3D imaging techniques, using pattern projection in conjunction with the powerful 3D tools found in the Matrox Imaging Library software to carry out volumetric measurement.

The latest USB 3.0 and GigE Vision cameras from Point Grey will be shown, including models carrying the ground-breaking Sony Pregius global shutter CMOS sensors.

Hyperspectral Imaging is a key emerging technology for laboratory, industrial, and airborne applications. ClearView will show the latest Hyperspectral Camera from PhotonFocus, a leading specialist in CMOS based vision technology - MORE>>

Website: www.clearviewimaging.co.uk/

Automated Scratch-Dig Evaluation System shown for the first time to the Optics Industry. Automated Scratch-Dig Evaluation System shown for the first time to the Optics Industry. The Optics industry faces the challenge of inspecting and documenting the quality of an optical component. The digital inspection of an optical component is important since it provides details of surface imperfections that may be caused in the manufacturing or handling process. The latest development by RedLux is the revolutionary, operator-independent scratch-dig evaluation system OptiLux SD, which is proudly introduced to the market and exhibited at Photonex 2016.

RedLux develops the OptiLux SD for the Optics Industry
Automated Scratch-Dig Evaluation System

The OptiLux SD developed by the team at RedLux is the next generation instrument for providing scratch-dig evaluation and verification in optical component manufacturing and distribution.

We listened to the needs of professional optics manufacturers and this is what - MORE>>

Website: www.redlux.net/

No IP strategy means a big hole in the business plan. Join us for the free EPIC IP Workshop from 9 to 11am on Wednesday 12 October in the EPIC theatre at Photonex 2016 Coventry.

For many technology businesses, patents and trade marks are the most valuable assets they own, creating a competitive advantage and underpinning revenue. So what’s your plan for maximising their potential value? Without an IP strategy your business is likely to have a big hole in its business plan.

Having a robust IP strategy is vital, not just for driving revenue, but also if you are restructuring or divesting. It may not increase the value of your business, but in this increasingly investor-driven environment a lack of IP strategy leaves open the possibility of an investor leveraging this omission to obtain a reduction in the valuation. Whenever new investment is required, or there is a change of ownership, there is inevitably a process of due diligence to get through. IP due diligence is all about establishing trust and maintaining confidence. It’s a fantastic opportunity to show to any buyer or investor that the innovation underpinning the technology is sound and can be protected, that the intellectual property is being correctly managed and that all possible commercial risk relating to the IP has been correctly identified and evaluated - MORE>>

Website: www.photonex.org/conference/16/epic-ip-workshop.html

Hamamatsu demonstrates a near-infrared tissue oxygenation monitor - a unique and exciting demonstration - just think to make the car go! Hamamatsu Photonics will be demonstrating the PocketNIRS; a near-infrared tissue oxygenation monitor with wireless data communication function. This instrument can measure the concentration change of hemoglobin non-invasively.

We will be demonstrating this by using the optical device to control a car on a race track by wirelessly picking up the signal from the brain to control the car by picking up the hemoglobin change in the brain.

When you think “Go”…

The car starts to go. The optical probe will - MORE>>

Website: www.hamamatsu.com/us/en/index.html

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