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Visit Photonex and meet with world leading companies involved in photonics technologies. See 100s of suppliers. Handle, touch and feel their instruments and components and watch demonstrations.

Discover the difference: On the internet one product can seem just like another. But it is getting down to the in depth detail face-to-face with a specialist which will enable you to make a better informed purchasing decision.

Find a new supplier: Fed up with poor communications, poor delivery, poor products? At Photonex you will be able to meet with a new supplier.

Learn: attend free tutorials and learn what photonics technology can do for you.

Solve: your photonics, your laser, your vision, your fibre optic technology problem.

What else is going on at Photonex?

In addition to the Photonex exhibition you can visit exhibitors in Vacuum Expo and Biomedical Sensing 2013.

Conference programme: Covering application advances, innovation and emerging technologies. Bringing industry and academia together.

Industry programme (free to attend) run by various organisations: IBST, ESP KTN, UKIVA and others.

Photonics Tutorials run by industry experts.

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Here are the technology sectors covered within Photonex:

Photonics is of enormous importance to scientific research and for industry and use is growing. You need to visit if your work is used within the following areas.

Advanced manufacturing: Industrial vision, cameras, electronic imaging, process analytical technologies (PAT), quality control.

Biophotonics: analytical techniques in cells, tissues and biomaterials. Photonics in miniature, biochemistry, manipulation, fluorescence, adaptive optics.

Defence: components, hyperspectral imaging, remote detection, cameras, thermal imaging.

Energy: PV technologies, testing, new materials and manufacturing processes. Bioenergy, analytical & optical instrumentation.

Environmental: imaging, oceanography, space research and food resource technologies.

Lasers and opto-electronics: developing laser techniques, in research, industry and for fusion.

Medical, Pharmaceutical & health technologies.

New materials & devices: optical nanotechnologies, for opto-electronics, thin films and testing.

Optical sensing: intelligent optics, analysis and measurement.

Optical metrology, radiometry & light sources: QC and characterization.

Security: sensing, imaging, hyperspectral, holograms, covert.

Spectroscopy: for research and field applications.

Exhibitors and visitors are encouraged to participate in seminars and exhibitors to use the seminars as an additional platform upon which to engage with their market.

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