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With the switch of Vision in Stuttgart from annual to biennial, Vision UK becomes the key 2013 event for vision and imaging technologies.

UK vision at Photonex  

UK Vision is all about components and systems for application in industry and science.
  • Discover the difference - in suppliers and technologies
  • Adopt industrial vision solutions for your process - increase reliability and product quality
  • Latest scientific imaging solutions – hyperspectral, thermal imaging,  advanced imaging, nano- imaging, laser imaging, microscopy (TIRF, Super-resolution)
    professional development and training seminars by the UK’s trade organisation UKIVA

Industrial imaging, machine vision and factory automation

Cutting edge advances in industrial vision and machine vision will be on show. Great components and effective system integration is essential to the development of a successful vision system for your process.

There will also be a number of companies showing their approach to IR imaging. Defence applications will be shown alongside process applications such as unwanted hot spot in electronic processes and predictive maintenance.

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Scientific and advanced imaging in biophotonics

Scientific imaging is our core to the success of life sciences research & development, microscopy systems depend on quality camera technology and speedy image processing.

See EMCCD, iCCD, CCD and just about every camera technology imaginable at Photonex including for applications in:

Low light imaging spectroscopy microscopy systems time-resolved cameras x-ray cameras spectral imaging FISH imaging fluorescence imaging fluorescent speckle microscopy GFP Imaging ion imaging sequential color imaging single-molecule fluorescence (SMF) imaging TIRF microscopy, etc.

SEE MEETING - Nano & Bio-Imaging - latest development in biophotonics - here>

Vision in Action

Professional development at Photonex 2013: The theme of the annual vision tutorials and seminars programme organised by the UKIVA. These seminars are designed to keep existing and potential users of vision up to date with all the latest technology and reflect the breadth of vision capabilities across many different disciplines and industries.

Photonex is sponsored by UKIVA
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Space Applications - photonics technologies and the workings of the space industry

This meeting will bring together leaders in industry, research institutes and universities to discuss the latest technology developments and new applications in space technology and applications.

Subjects to be covered include the future requirements in space hardware, the advancement of optical technology in telescopes, the role of TSB and STFC in funding and supporting hardware innovation and much more - more>

High speed imaging

A cluster of companies providing ‘high speed imaging’ will show cameras and equipment for fast events which find applications in machine vision and particularly the automotive industry. Scientists in research are capturing images for a variety of applications, using a variety of techniques for high-speed image capture in life sciences too, in this instance high speed video.

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