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Dear Colleague,

Thank you for registering to attend Photonex 2013. We can officially announce the exhibition is now FULL and the event will be both impressive and exciting!

The latest exhibitors to join the show are: Alker Optical Equipment, Chelsea Technologies Group, ELUXI Ltd, Island Optics Ltd, Kingsview Optical, Lambda Photometrics and Phoenix Photonics.

IN THE NEWS: EPIC EU Funding Event - the European Photonics Industry Consortium brings together experts and partners interested in European research funding programs - more about the subject matter>

Vision UK

IN THE NEWS: Vision UK is the key 2013 European event for vision and imaging technologies. For two decades, the Photonex exhibition has been the showcase UK event for photonics and whilst the vision content and breath of technology at the show has grown every year, the
idea that ‘photonics’ technology is of interest to an instrument engineer at a food plant or working on pharmaceutical packaging line is perhaps alien to them. The name Photonex might be a hindrance and make potential interested people switch off instead of becoming interested?

However now the organisers, with support of the industry, have rebranded this sector of the show to ‘Vision UK’ as a very clear statement of what the show includes - read on>

Vision UK includes 'Vision in Action', a seminar programme by the UKIVA - learn more>

The Catalogue

Take a sneak preview at the Exhibition Catalogue and plan who you want to visit - see this as a flip view PDF>

FRAMOS Introduces the FCB-MA130, a new addition to the Sony FCB Block Camera Range at PHOTONEX.

This new industrial camera module is packed with features for automatic adjustment and image enhancement this miniature camera module (16 x 18 x 10 mm) is ideally suited for various applications in Security, Video Conferencing, Mobile Devices, Document Scanning and others.

With specialist technical support and development services, FRAMOS enables OEMs to benefit from this new imaging technology. Incorporating a 1/2.45-type Exmor™ CMOS sensor - read on>

See FRAMOS electronics on Stand A02

Lasers feature strongly at PHOTONEX 2013:

In each mailer we send you we highlight a specific meeting, here is today's.

High Power Diode Lasers and Systems.

This Conference has become Europe's most important meeting for this market sector. Eleven international speakers will present their latest data on a broad range of applications illustrating the exciting possibilities available today. The programme features a Keynote Address from Dr Tso-Yee Fan of the Laser Technology & Applications Group of MIT Lincoln Labs, USA. There will be twelve additional Poster Papers to be presented as well - Jump to the programme page>

News from exhibitors and some features of the show

Extreme ultraviolet: pushing optics to the limits. While most of the optics industry works in the regime of visible, infra-red and ultra-violet wavelengths, scientists and engineers in the microlithography industry are pushing the optical limits at the extreme ultra-violet, 13.5nm.  This talk will highlight the challenges of extreme ultra-violet and how optical engineers have to re-think their approach to designing optical systems - Hyperion Inc - find out when this is>
On show will be a new state-of-the-art laboratory interlock system from Laser Support Services. Designed for ease of installation and convenient managing, the modular design can have up to 16 control circuits, from lasers or other hazardous sources, from doors or a main control room.

The interconnections between doors is carried out using RJ45 cabling – a standard cable commercially available. The system owner can therefore add to the interlock system without any complex wiring and with basic - more>
On Newport's stand: Small area solar simulators for PV cell researchers. Oriel Instruments’ new series of LCS-100 solar simulators has been designed for PV cell researchers requiring the performance of a certified system over a small area of illumination - more>

Laser Components will showing diffractive optics which continue to edge their way into industry.  Applications include laser micro-machining, skin treatment and spectroscopy.  Of course, different elements are optimised for each of these, for example a Top Hat DOE would ideally be used for laser welding - more> 

11am Wednesday: An introduction to diffractive optical elements and their applications>

Lambda Photometrics

Metrology products on show includes six levels of optical profilers from Zygo as well as their Fizeau interferometers systems including the lab, production and dynamic systems. They also provide optics testing systems for measuring aspheres and torics, MTF, EFL etc from Optikos, scratch/dig, lens spacing and thickness and spectrophotometers.
See them on stand C28 and B17
JD Photo-Tools. Manufacturer of chrome on glass - and emulsion film - photomasks and imaged components, including graticules, laser ablation targets, scales, disks, microfluidics, slides, microstructures etc.
See them on stand G33



From infra-red to high speed and high resolution imaging, STEMMER IMAGING will be demonstrating an extensive range of camera technology, optics, illumination and industrial vision software at the Photonex exhibition. This comprehensive display illustrates the breadth of imaging technology available for both industrial and scientific applications - more>
Secrets of optimising optical component performance – why the wrong opto-mechanical design can ruin your day
- more>
Phoenix Photonics. Design and manufacture optical fibre components and equipment specialising in polarization management for telecommunications, fiber sensing and research & development laboratories.
See them on stand C17

Ocean Optics will have on show STS spectrometers which enable field application, for example measure vegetation from the ground and the air. A pair of super-lightweight miniature spectrometers from Ocean Optics is helping researchers investigate plant parameters in a verdant patch of New Zealand grassland. The compact STS model spectrometers, one deployed as a ground unit and the other aboard an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), are making synchronized hyperspectral measurements of barley and sugar beet crops to assess plant characteristics for more effective crop management - more>
Chelsea Technologies Group
CTG celebrates 50 years in the design and manufacture of a range of sensors and systems for the marine, environmental, defence, maritime & OEM markets. These innovative multi-parameter sensors are available to monitor the physical, optical & biological properties of oceanographic and freshwater environments. Parameters include temperature, conductivity, depth, turbidity, transmission, fluorescence & bioluminescence.
See them on stand G32
Micro-thermography with new ImageIR® 9300 camera. Being able to accurately measure temperature changes during product or component use or in a manufacturing process is becoming of great importance to industry. The ImageIR® 9300 thermography camera has been developed to ensure that such measurements can be made not only with great accuracy but in a non-contact fashion. Visit Armstrong Optical, Stand B11.

You can flick though 150 news items by following this link>>

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