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Dear Colleague,

We hope you will join us in Coventry. Preparations are advancing, most meeting programmes are complete and we can officially announce that the exhibition is 30% larger than last year.

In the past few weeks many companies with interesting and varied instruments, components and equipment have joined the exhibition, such as: Alker Optical Equipment, Brinell Vision, Createc, Glyndwr Innovations, Hyperion Development, Island Optics, JD Photo Tools, Laser Physics, LightTrans VirtualLab UG, Powerlase Photonics, Qioptiq Space Technology, Red Wave Labs, SQR Systems, Starlight Xpress, Sterling Geo, Westside International - see all exhibitors>>

IN THE NEWS: Satellite Applications Catapult Sponsors PHOTONEX.

On Tuesday 16th October, as part of the Satellite Applications Catapult’s sponsorship activities, Sam Adlen, Head of Business Innovation, will be co-chairing the Space Applications meeting, focusing on photonics technology and the workings of the space industry. It will focus on downstream applications, new opportunities for exploitation, physical and practical limitations, as well as future requirements in space hardware, the advancement of optical technology in telescopes - continue reading online>>

See the programme on the website>>

IN THE NEWS: Conference on Optical Metrology.

This programme has been put together by internationally-renowned surface measurement specialists, Professor Richard Leach of the National Physical Laboratory and Dr Roger Groves from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Nine speakers have agreed to present their latest research results and the line-up includes leading optical metrologist, Professor Wolfgang Osten from the University of Stuttgart. He will talk about the transition of optical metrology - continue reading on the website>>

View the Optical Metrology programme>>
Optical Engineering & Design meeting
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News from exhibitors and what will be on show
Learn more about Electro Optics

USB3.0 Cameras from Lumenera now with New Sensor Revision from CMOSIS.

Lumenera was one of the first camera manufacturers of USB 3.0 cameras based on the second revision of CMOSIS sensors CMV2000 and CMV4000.

Now available from Framos, the camera series Lt225 and Lt425 are now equipped with the third and latest version, ‘rev3' of this proven megapixel sensor. This sensor upgrade provides a number of improvements, including increased analog gain and elimination of the 'Black Sun Effect', while maintaining previous functionality and features.

This change also coincides with the latest release of Lucam software and our SDK, providing additional new features including - read on>

See FRAMOS electronics on Stand A02

There are many meetings for you to attend:
Through the generous support of exhibitors & sponsors at Photonex, this year's conference is completely free-of-charge - see the whole programme>

Here we have picked one meeting which is attracting a high level of interest, please join us!

Optical Engineering & Design on Wednesday 16th

10:30 Introduction and welcome
Prof Mark Neil, Imperial College London, Dr Sean Kudesia, Selex ES,
Jon Maxwell, Consultant
Chair: Dr Sean Kudesia
10:40 Volume scattering and integration in simulation software
Maryvonne Chalony, Light Tec, Hyeres, France
11:00 An introduction to diffractive optical elements and their applications
Kimberley Loft, Laser Components, UK
Progress with prototype mirror segments for E-ELT - the world's largest telescope
Prof David Walker, UCL and Glyndwr University, UK
11:40 Optical Interference Coatings, Designs and Applications
Kevin Mackrodt, Artemis Optical, UK
12:00 Laser Damage - a Balanced View
Rona Belford, Belford Research, UK
12:20 Comments and close of morning session
Chair: Prof Mark Neil
13:30 Introduction to session
Prof Mark Neil, Imperial College London, Dr Sean Kudesia, Selex ES,
Jon Maxwell, Consultant
13.40 Smith-Helmholtz invariant
Eddie Judd, Davin Optronics, UK
14:00 Evolution of geometrical optics ray tracing to include physical optics
Tom Davies, Photon Engineering LCC, Tucson, USA
14.20 An Introduction to Field Tracing
Dr Michael Kuhn, LightTrans, Jena, Germany
14:40 Open Innovation in practice - Fraunhofer UK's collaborative development secrets revealed
Simon Andrews, Fraunhofer Research UK
14:40 Masters education in optics
Dr Kenny Weir, Imperial College London, UK
Zemax User Group Meeting
Chair: Neil Barrett, Radiant Zemax Europe
15.30 Introduction and welcome
15:40 Second UK meeting of the Zemax User Group
16:40 Concluding comments
16:50 - end of meeting - networking drinks in the exhibition hall -
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News from exhibitors and what will be on show

Laser Support Services will have on show DPSS pulsed Nd:YAG lasers from established manufacturer SOL Instruments. These DPSS pulsed DF141 and DF152 lasers can be used as a pump source for tunable lasers, for laser spectroscopy (LIF, DIAL, LIDAR, PIV) or for an energy source for material evaporation in a vacuum chamber - MORE>>

Learn about Oriel Instruments fully integrated tunable light sources with broad tunable on the Newport stand.

Oriel Instruments, a Newport Corporation brand, introduces the new fully integrated TLS Series Tunable Light Source. The compact and easy-to-operate system delivers up to 0.6 nm resolution of monochromatic light in a broad tunable spectral range from 250nm to 2,400nm. The TLS systems are an economical solution for researchers who need the flexibility - MORE>>

Live Demonstrations: Using a WinCamD beam profiler and LaserPoint power and energy meters, Laser 2000 will demonstrate the measurement of the beam properties of a Vortran laser - including power, energy and M-squared. Not only will this let you see the quality of the Stradus laser in action, you can also test the measurement software to see how easy it is to use and see how much you can learn about your beam.

This week's feature exhibitor:

Alker Optical Equipment. Specialises in bespoke harsh environment fibre optic solutions for all industries including laser manufacturing. Alker manufactures deployable products, inspection and cleaning kits, ruggedised armoured assemblies featuring optical fibres ranging from Singlemode to Polarisation Maintaining, Polyimide and Polymer Optical Fibre.

See more exhibitors - MORE>>



Solid-state micro dehumidifiers at Photonex 2013. Rosahl solid-state micro dehumidifiers will be exhibited in the UK for the first time.

Rosahl dehumidifiers have been developed specifically to protect enclosure based opto-electronic equipment from moisture damage in enclosures from 250ml to 2m³ - MORE>>

Need an IR filter?
LASER COMPONENTS will be showing examples from a range of optical filters including IR bandpass filters in the range of 1um up to 20um. With a large selection of available filters our standard Full Width Half Maximum values are 1.1%, 2%, 4.3%, 8% or 11%.

Their IR Longpass filters are constructed from stacks of thin layers, allowing for typically transmission between 60%-80% in the pass band - MORE>>

New range of miniature optical instruments, components and interfaces for micro chemistry or biotechnology. This new range includes a sub miniature RGB USB stick spectrometer, with 2500 pixel array detector. This just plugs into your PC making it a versatile portable unit with advanced software - MORE>>

NEW Raman spectrometer with a six-fold increase in sensitivity. Avantes announces the introduction of a new standard in miniature Raman spectroscopy: the AvaSpec-Raman-eXtreme. Only a marginal increase in size, but a six-fold increase in sensitivity. Photon shifts have never been easier to detect; now it's taking less time with higher quality results. Raman measurements are known for demanding the most of a spectrometer, due to the needed combination of high resolution with high sensitivity. This normally means longer - MORE>>

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