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Andor Technology
Andor Technology develops and manufactures high performance light measuring solutions that allow consumers to perform light measurements previously considered impossible. Visit the Andor stand to learn more about the market leading back illuminated EMCCD camera, the New iXon Ultra.

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AP Technologies
See QD Laser’s compact laser diode modules at 532, 561 & 594nm and their 1053-1180nm short-pulse DFBs. We will also show SensL’s Silicon Photomultiplier (SPM) technology alongside UV, visible & NIR LEDs and arrays from Opto Diode, Fox Group, Lumex and SET.

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Artemis CCD
Artemis CCD Ltd will be exhibiting the current range of cooled CCD cameras for low light imaging and will have exciting news about the forthcoming microscopy series.
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Avantes UK Ltd

Avantes new miniature Sensline and Starline fibre optic spectrometers, have significant performance improvements, with high sensitivity, new ultra low stray light, interchangeable slit, TE cooling and back thinned detectors.

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Bentham Instruments
We will be showing some of our latest solutions for photovoltaic research and LED characterisation including the PVE300 system for PV quantum efficiency and the IDR300 for LED testing.

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CVI Laser Optics
CVI Laser Optics and Melles Griot are a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of Photonics components and systems. We provide solutions for the deep UV to the far IR, as well as visible lasers, ruggedize mechanical shutters and opto-mechanical hardware.

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Electro Optics Magazine

LPick up the latest issue of Electro Optics magazine and find out how to sign up to our monthly email newsletter for free.

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Elliot Scientific
We will be featuring lasers from M Squared, FEMTOLASERS and IPG; plus Energetiq’s exciting light source, Mad City Labs’ nanopositioning stages, HOLOEYE SLM’s, and Kozak Micro ultrafine screw adjuster sets.

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Gilden Photonics
We will be displaying a range of optical spectroscopy systems and components, including hyperspectral imaging systems. Along with our range of spectroscopy components, including tunable light sources and monochromators.

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Hamamatsu Photonics
Hamamatsu will introduce the ORCA-Flash4.0 sCMOS camera. Engineered around a new second-generation sCMOS detector, it is the first camera that challenges the performance of all EM-CCD, CCD and first-generation sCMOS cameras for every fluorescence application.

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Hellma UK
Hellma products for spectroscopy and other analytical techniques, including fibre optical probes, quartz and glass cells and calibration standards.

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High Finesse GmbH
Exhibiting the WSU-10, the most accurate and fast wavelength meter available capable of measuring pulsed and continuous laser sources with better than 10MHz accuracy.

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Laser 2000
Laser 2000 will be demonstrating several products which deliver improvements in microscopy. These include efficient, low-noise EMCCD & sCMOS cameras; high performance filters and hybrid light engines that remove mercury from microscopy.

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Laser Lines
Laser Lines, a leading supplier of lasers and accessories, will be exhibiting Cobolt DPSS and MLD lasers plus Gentec power meters and monitors. Also on show will be Photonics Industries picosecond lasers, Iridian filters and NoIR LaserShields.

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Laser Components
Laser Components will be exhibiting detectors, single photon counting modules, laser diodes/IR emitters, laser modules,, measurement technology, fibre optics, optics, optical filters electronics, safety eyewear and accessories.

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Laser Support Services
We distribute quality new and used lasers and laser products worldwide. Our supplies include optical mounts, positioners, precision apertures, optics, optical tables, IR cameras, viewers and safety eyewear, and most makes of ion lasers can be supported by our established repair service.

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Newport Spectra-Physics
Provides a wide range of products and solution to make, manage and measure light. Product offering include: laser systems, spectroscopy instruments, light sources, laser beam measurement devices, vibration control equipment, optics, micro and nano positioning solutions, opto-mechanics and photonic instrumentation.

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Ophir Spiricon Europe GmbH
Ophir Spiricon provides laser beam profilers which cover the deep UV all the way to Thzwavelengths. Ultracal™, the renowned baseline correction algorithm has served manufacturing, medical, military and research industries worldwide for over 30 years.

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Ocean Optics
Ocean Optics supply a wide range of modular spectro meter systems and optical sensor solutions. We will be exhibiting our latest Raman engine, mini ature UV, VIS and NIR spectrometers.

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Photon Lines
New products include Greateyes cooled full frame CCDs operating from X-Ray to NlR, the XSCELL Digital Scientific Camera from Photonis, operating at 1000 fps at 1024 x 1024, with read noise of less than 2 e- rms, and Raman Spectrometers from BaySpec.

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Photonic Solutions
We will be exhibiting the high power PHAROS femtosecond laser from Light Conversion, POWERCHIP laser from Teem, SUPERCONTINUUM laser from NKT and the latest equipment from TCSPC specialists, Becker & Hickl..

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Photonics Technologies
Displaying the DUMA test equipment for laser beam analysis, also showing a laser Power Controller for laser intensity stabilisation.

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PI (Physik Instrumente) Ltd
PI will be exhibiting a range of precision position technologies, solutions designed for all high-tech requirements. Including but not exclusively; Nano & micro position, piezo systems, piezo ceramic components, stages & actuators and much much more.

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Pro-Lite Technology
OUR FOCUS IS ON PHOTONICS. We supply components, instruments, equipment for laser safety and a full light measurement service. New to our product range are Newport optical filters and coatings for OEM applications and Solar Light solar simulators and light sources. Meet us for a face-to-face discussion and discover our capabilities!

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Scitec Instruments
Scitec Instruments will be exhibiting examples from the Oxxius range of UV, visible and IR DPSS and diode lasers. Other exhibits will include the company’s high-stability variable frequency optical choppers and analogue lock-in amplifiersi

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SLS Optics
Suppliers of standard, custom and OEM laser optics from UV to near IR.  Fabry-Perot solid and air-spaced etalons with matched flatness up to λ/200. Applications include: semiconductor processing, telecommunications, industrial, medical and scientific.

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Thorlabs designs, develops, and manufactures building blocks for the Photonics industry, including optomechanics, motion control electronics, nanopositioning stages, fiber and optical components, laser diodes, tunable lasers, and vibration isolation systems. In addition, we can provide system-level solutions including complete OCT and imaging systems, like confocal and adaptive scanning optical microscopes.

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Time-Bandwidth Products AG
Looking forward to discussing your ultra-fast ps and fs laser requirements.

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Toptica Photonics
Exhibiting the latest laser products suitable for use in Biophotonics, such as the FF pro at 1560 and 780nm, IChrome Multi-Laser-Engine and high power IBeam cw systems.

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