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The conference is FREE:

Advances in photonic tools and techniques for the life sciences

This scientific program has been prepared by Dr Chris Dunsby, a joint lecturer between
Photonics, Department of Physics and the Division of Experimental Medicine in the
Department of Medicine at Imperial College London. Dr Pete Tomlins, Centre for Diagnostic and Oral Sciences. Queen Mary, University of London, Dr Ilias Tachtsidis, Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory, University College London and Dr Cyril Renaud, Ultra-fast Photonics Laboratory, University College London.

Join us for the free meeting to explore advances in key methods and techniques used in life sciences.

Significant advances in the development of optical techniques have led to an ever increasing role of photonics in the study of various problems in the life sciences, in medicine, clinical sciences, neurophysiology etc. Researchers are continually ...>

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These Photonics Tutorials are FREE:

Latest photonics techniques and instrumentation

In parallel with the scientific conference, ’Advances in photonic tools& techniques for the life sciences’ there will be a series of ‘Photonics tutorials’.

These will follow the format so well established at the national Photonex event, which takes place every October at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena.

Tutorials will feature on advances, techniques, technology comparisons, choosing your equipment for your project and features to ...>

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